Peiyue Li

Peiyue Li is a Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at Chang’an University. He is also a member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), the International Mine Water Association (IMWA), and the National Ground Water Association of the United States (NGWA).

Professor Li’s research deals with groundwater quality and hydrology, with a focus on the relationship between industrial activity and water contamination. He also investigates sustainable water management practices in underdeveloped areas.

Representative Publications

Li, Peiyue, et al. “Groundwater quality assessment for domestic and agricultural purposes in Yan’an City, northwest China: implications to sustainable groundwater quality management on the Loess Plateau.” Environmental Earth Sciences 77.23 (2018): 775.

Li, Peiyue, et al. “Occurrence and Health Implication of Fluoride in Groundwater of Loess Aquifer in the Chinese Loess Plateau: A Case Study of Tongchuan, Northwest China.” Exposure and Health 11.2 (2019): 95-107.
Li, Peiyue, Hui Qian, and Wanfang Zhou. “Finding harmony between the environment and humanity: an introduction to the thematic issue of the Silk Road.” Environmental Earth Sciences 76.3 (2017): 105.

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